Professional Compressors

COAXIAL OILLESS COMPRESSORS. With particular construction solutions and innovative materials with a low friction coefficient, the coaxial oilless compressors guarantee a durable life. They don't require maintenance and for their features, they are suitable to the uses where impurity-free air is demanded. Easily transportable because there is no danger of leakage if the compressor is carried on its side.
COAXIAL LUBRICATED COMPRESSORS. They feature aluminium pump unitd with cast iron cylinder wich guarantee a high air intake. They stand out for their high performance and reliability. They can be used witha wide range of accessories and pneumatic tools.
BELT DRIVEN SINGLE-STAGE COMPRESSORS. Feature pump units built to guarantee a long durable life and high reliability thanks to their excellent resistance to wear and their slow rotation speed. They are suitable for heavy duty use and are the ideal tool for professionals and craftsmen.
BELT DRIVEN TWO-STAGE COMPRESSORS. Heavy Duty machines, designed for intensive use by professionals and small industries. These are the features that make this range unique on the market: intercooler for cooling between the first and second stage with subsequent improvement in terms of efficiency; slower rotation speed which minimises sound levels; better performances thanks to the higher intake of air and a higher volumetric efficiency.
TANDEM BELT DRIVEN TWO-STAGE COMPRESSORS. They are equipped with a time control panel in both soluctions: direct-on-line and star-delta starter. The set of Tandem compressors guarntees: total flexibility of use; high reliability; better performances thanks to the higher intake of air and a higher volumetric efficiency.
SADDLE MOUNTED COMPRESSORS. They include a motor unit, belt, belt guard, pulley and base plates. These are preassembled base plates available to customers who require only a motor/pump unit in order to perform special applications or due to transportation problems.
BASE PLATE COMPRESSORS. Compact compressed air stations which are fully equipped and totally independent. These machines allow you to compose modular systems and they can also be equipped with start-up control panel, upon request.
TWIN TANK PISTON COMPRESSORS. Created for special applications, these are convenient work units, easy to carry and totally protected.
VERTICAL COMPRESSORS. The Shamal range is completed by the "vertical" series, useful for people with space problems. Features: output from 4 to 7.5 Hp; tanks from 200 to 270 litres; the same air reserve in half the space; reliable pump units ideal for heavy-duty and continuous use.

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