Flow Meters

Flow meters are essential for measuring quantities dispensed, and professionals need precise, reliable, robust instruments. Our response to these requirements is a comprehensive range of digital and mechanical flow meters, some of which stand out for their light weight and precision, and others for their strength and reliability. Our flow meters can be used for the widest imaginable range of applications, including for diesel, oil and foodstuffs.

Nozzle Meters


In every garage, mechanics need to be able to dispense precise quantities of liquid or grease without getting their hands dirty: our metering nozzles provide the solution. There are many situations in which you need to be able to measure precisely the quantity of liquid dispensed (when topping up anti-freeze or screen-wash, for example) or calculate the exact quantity of oil to introduce into the engine: in all these situations, our metering nozzles are the ideal solution for anyone who needs a sturdy product that's easy to use and totally reliable. Our range also includes metering nozzles for grease, which are robust and reliable like all our products

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